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Great timing! We have started taking applications for the nomination process. We have a rigorous process to vet applications and handpick our nominations.

You will be required to fill out some questions. Our teams will go through the information followed by a business verification. On selection, we will reach out to notify you.

P.S. Each year our nomination process changes. Please contact our team for more information.

‘The Galentines Day Gala’ is the award night-the show that everyone loves and looks forward to. It is still the main attraction, and is scheduled for February 4th, 2023.

‘The Take Off’ is the weekend retreat- a one-of-a-kind business retreat started on the huge demand of our participants.

No. ‘The Take Off’ ticket gives you exclusive access to all the events of the gala and the retreat. The goal of the retreat is to give businesswomen the unique opportunity to network with real-life business role models and like-minded women in business. By giving all participants the full-access to all events for 3 days, we ensure that everyone makes the most of their time and investment.

The Junior Galentines Program is for young girls aged 7-17 years. It is a life-changing mentoring/coaching program to help young girls master the skills they need to get ahead in life as well as the business world. If you are interested in applying, contact us now.

The ‘Mommy and Me Package’ is for the moms attending the Galentines Day Gala and The Take Off retreat. This package allows them to bring their daughters and give them the experience of their lives.

P.S. Anyone can buy the ‘Mommy and Me Package’. Your daughter doesn’t have to be a Junior Galentine to be able to participate.

To secure a double occupancy booking, each participant must book their packages separately. During the initial registration, you will be asked if you already have a roommate. At that point, we will pair you with your roommate.

P.S. The following packages allow you to choose a double occupancy room with a roommate.

  • Luxury for Us
  • Luxury for Us (II)

No roommate, no problem! Book and purchase your package. During the initial registration, select NO when asked if you have a roommate. Our team will then find and fix you with a like-minded businesswoman who is the perfect match for you! You will get a lot of time to get acquainted and enjoy.

P.S. The following packages allow you to choose a double occupancy room and share it with a roommate.

  • Luxury for Us
  • Luxury for Us (II)

You are welcome to bring your spouse/partner with you. Please select the Luxury For Us package. Booking this way ensures everyone is billed individually.

P.S. Selecting this package does not guarantee you a king bed. Room style will be based on availability for the rate you have chosen.

The Mommy and Me package is for minors. Each minor attendee must remain on the same registration as an adult at all times. For that reason, there will be only one invoice, and we can’t separate it.

The event itinerary is available without specifics before purchase. It will inform you about the number and type of events included with the purchase. So, you can make an informed decision before investing.

However, the official itinerary will be available exclusively for attendees. Once you purchase the tickets, we will share a detailed itinerary with the dates, time, locations, themes, dress codes, and other relevant information.

If an attendee chooses to allow a guest in her room, we won’t oppose that. However, any unpaid guest won’t be allowed entry to any of the events.

The Galentines Day Gala and The Take Off Retreat are highly exclusive events. Our security and administration ensure the events stay exclusively open to our prestigious attendees only.

  • Guests trying to enter without a ticket won’t be allowed.
  • Guests attending fraudulently will be asked to leave. The attendee who brings an unpaid guest will forfeit their entry into any further weekend activities and will receive no refund.

No, the amenities are only available to registered hotel guests. The host hotel has a very strict policy on unregistered guests. Guests will be allowed on the premises of the host hotel during event hours only. Once the event commences, guest will be expected to leave, unless in the company of a registered hotel guest.

We highly recommend getting the hotel package. It is Houston’s only five-diamond hotel and exudes luxury, elegance, and comfort. By choosing to stay in the host hotel, you can make the most of the events, and make unforgettable memories with other Galentines.

We choose our guest speakers keeping our audience in mind. Our guests match the level and excellence of the events. We are still in the process of securing the most-coveted, inspirational speakers for the 2023 events.

Yes. All packages and purchases are eligible for easy, 7-months payment plants.