What is The Junior Galentine Program?

The Junior Galentine Program is a program created specifically for young ladies aged 6-17 years old who will benefit from guidance and mentorship from a HIgh Ranking Affiliate of The Galentines Day Gala. The Galentines Day Gala is a firm believer that our youth is and always will be a strong determining factor in the continuous growth and uprising of Prominent Women In Business. It is for this reason , that we have created a division reserved for young girls that will aid them in becoming the next leaders of thier future chosen career industries.

Entry Qualifications

The following are the qualifications needed to join the Junior Galentines Program.

What does the program offer and what is the price?

The Junior Galentine Program offers lasting mentorship/coaching relationships between female youth and High-Ranking female professionals and Entrepreneurs. Our program will be used to expose our Junior Galentines to important aspects of life inclusive and aside of education. From fine dining, etiquette, tutoring services. travel, professionalism, and Entrepreneurship, it is our intention to prepare and gear our Junior Galentines up in a manner that the world will be both accepting and proud of. With an initial Induction fee of 599$ paired with a monthly fee of 149$, your participant will receive 12 months of both in person and virtual aid, Galentines homework assignments, an induction ceremony at The Galentines Day Gala inclusive of 1 ticket to the event, Lodging for Junior Galentine and 1 adult, food, and all Junior Galentine assigned activities, and much more.